VCSE Assembly

VCSE Assembly

The Hull VCSE Assembly is an exciting new development for the city.

For the first time in a number of years, there will be a fully resourced, mechanism in place to bring together the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector in Hull.

Operating on the principles of inclusivity and collaboration, the Assembly will be open to every VCSE organisation in the city. The Assembly will also reflect the diversity of the sector in terms of size, themes and geographic areas of delivery.

The Assembly will bring to the sector a range of opportunities for VCSE organisations to be involved in, including service delivery opportunities and access untapped resource available to the sector.

The Assembly will support the development of strong partnerships within the VCSE sector and with public sector partners, and will provide the forum to be able to continually grow and develop the local VCSE in response to identified needs.

In summary, the Assembly has a number of aims, including:

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Providing a centralised mechanism for communication and engagement with the wider VCSE in Hull
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Facilitating relationship building and collaboration between VCSE organisations
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Providing an environment that VCSE organisations can access and benefit from peer support
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Identifying and developing mechanisms to build the strengths and capacity of the VCSE sector
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Enabling the sector to come together to respond quickly and creatively to service delivery opportunities as and when they arise
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Creating a shared awareness of local priorities, developments and opportunities affecting both sectors individually and collectively
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Providing a mechanism for conversation on city-wide priorities and strategies
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Levering in resource and facilitate investment in to the sector
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Providing a mechanism to agree future representation in new boards and structures

Previous VCSE Assembly Minutes and Notes

25th August 2022

VCSE Assembly

1pm-3pm on Thursday 25th August
Centre 88, Saner Street, Hull

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Welcome with Coffee and Cake


VCSE Assembly – ToR and purpose

    • Introduction – Matt Wright
    • Group discussion~
      1. Views on the ToR
      2. What content would you like to see shared at the assembly?
      3. How would you like VCSE representation to work/what would you like to know from the city boards?
      4. What is the best way to update you between meetings?

Integrated Care Service – What it means for Hull VCSE?

  • Introduction – Erica Daly
  • Questions

Collaborative Commissioning and National Grant Funding

  • Introduction – Matt/Pippa
  • VCSE Approach Discussion
      1. What support would VCSE need to get involved?
      2. How could this be facilitated?
  • What are the main barriers

Standing Item Updates

    • Sector Connect Hull
    • North Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership
    • Place Board and other city board
    • Developments from Building Forward Together


    • Any key updates requested for next meeting?
    • UK Prosperity Fund / Time2Volunteer

Next meeting– 9am – 11am on Tuesday 27th September 2022.



  • Matt Wright (Hull CVS)
  • Pippa Robson (Forum)
  • Sarah Sanderson (Giroscope)
  • Andy Dorton (Church of England/independent)
  • Katie Harley (Hull City Council)
  • Denise Robinson (Fitmums)
  • Julie Rodrigues (Humber All Nations Alliance – HANA)
  • Andy Haines (Age UK Hull)
  • Ian Anderson (Hull City Council)
  • Lisa Buttery (Hull City Council)
  • Severine Kipili (Bora Shabaa)
  • Anna Route (Hull Food Partnership)
  • Erica Daley (Integrated Care)
  • Sue Lee (Integrated Care)

 Matt and Pippa welcomed everyone to the first official VCSE Assembly meeting and asked people to share their biggest aspiration for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in Hull.

The following responses were given:

That they can collaborate; deliver more effectively and efficiently for the public; that there is a structured approach for support; it is able to meet the needs of the community quicker and with shared intelligence; build back stronger; a stronger voice in decision making; VCSE peers are able to hold each other to account providing high support and high challenge; a strong network between the VCSE and public sector organisations and growing confidence between each; a better understanding the support and services across Hull; a shared vision for Hull; a mapped understanding of the VCSE Sector and a move away from having gate keepers of information.

VCSE Assembly – ToR and purpose

Matt went through the VCSE Assembly terms of reference (ToR) seeking views. The ToR were introduced at the Sector Connect Hull Service launch and sent to attendees before the meeting.

Overall those in attendance felt the purpose was clear but overlong and complex. Pippa shared the background to the Assembly’s creation and its links to the development of integrated care systems.

Attendees felt it could be changed to highlight the Assembly’s role in strengthening communication and delivering shared outcomes in Hull; Anna suggested that the ToR in general could be written in clearer language without a reliance on acronyms.

A model highlighting the objectives of the VSCE Assembly was reviewed. Pippa highlighted a key objective was building confidence in the sector to respond to funding opportunities by getting organisations ready to deliver commissioned services independently or in partnership. Andy D said that the objectives were sound and it would be good to see them all delivered, however he was realistic that not everything could happen immediately and with limited resource. Ian said that the common approach to data would be useful and VCSE data could help fill in gaps. It was also felt that the VCSE Sector could benefit from an input on the data the council has available and how to access it.

A discussion on the future agenda followed. Ian suggested that he would like a focus on the Cost of Living Crisis and has already discussed with Jason Stamp from Forum about the need for a city summit to identify support available. Matt raised that this would need to consider the support the sector would need, given rate rises faced and that sector staff traditionally are less well paid than other sector. Ian mentioned that this could include looking at VCSE organisations helping in offering Warm Zones in the winter.

Andy D suggested that more needed to be done on mapping VCSE service in terms of support around cost of living crisis. He also said that understanding the data would be key for this and other issues so perhaps data should be an agenda item in the future. Andy H suggested that a look at geographical and thematic overlap of groups would be good to minimise overlap and maximise VCSE involvement.

VCSE representation was discussed with a feeling that it would be a challenge for anyone to represent the whole VCSE. This was echoed by Pippa who said that though she attends many boards she can’t speak for the whole sector. Matt suggested that in order to understand what is need better that people on the distribution list answer the following questions:

  • How would people like the sector to be represented?
  • What is the fairest and most effective way of identifying and recruiting representatives?
  • What level of update would you want from representatives (with support from Sector Connect Hull)?
  • What support would they get from you?

Matt mentioned that a call for representation has been received from the Safer Hull (see the draft profile attached) and Police and Crime Commissioner lead Humber Violence Prevention Partnership


  • Matt/Pippa – Update the ToR for the VCSE Assembly to better capture its purpose and increase readability by using plain English.
  • ALL – Feedback on how you would like VCSE representation to work using the questions above.

Integrated Care Service – What it means for Hull VCSE?

Erica presented on the new Integrated Care Service explaining the new structure and how it would work in Hull. She pointed out that a key part of the plan is that there would be a VCSE provider collaborative so the sector would have more voice and influence in local service delivery.

Though the Hull structure is in place the first formal Hull Health & Care Partnership Committee is not due to take place till October.

There are some key issues on the horizon which may present challenges and opportunities for the sector in relation to peak demand and admission through the Winter and also in relation to issues related to cost of living charges and difficult choices people will be making.

Collaborative Commissioning and National Grant Funding

Pippa explained that one area that the VCSE Assembly hoped to support is better commissioning and cross sector funding bids that can benefit Hull. It is hoped that through the mechanisms of the VCSE assembly public sector organisations and VCSE groups can work closer together pre-application strengthening overall applications and providing clarity on how successful funding can be delivered.

Pippa said that the appetite to do things differently by all parties is their but will take time to be fully developed and highlighted the Rough Sleeper work as a step in the right direction.

There are basic details about the UK prosperity Fund in the PowerPoint Slides but this will be discussed further with Nathan Turner from the council attending.

Andy D asked if part of this new approach will include looking at the commissioning of very large services such as drug and alcohol services that can be inaccessible to smaller providers. Ian suggested that the Commissioning lead would be happy to share the details via VCSE Assembly.

Andy H asked how as a city we move to protect key services. For instance some Age UK Hull services were extended 5 months, but this is just delaying an issue.

Standing Item Updates – key updates on the slides

  • Sector Connect Hull
  • Developments from Building Forward Together


Anna – illuminating, but it would be great to have a wider sector representation.

Severine – Really interesting and exciting to see how Bora Shabaa could support with local health initiatives.

Lisa – great to hear first-hand views from the sector.

Andy.H – Really useful

Julie – great to be part of a collaborative approach.

Denise – can see how on-going involvement will widen my understanding of the sector and opportunities, whilst helping to develop relationships.

Andy.D – great to see private discussions being opened up to everyone in the sector.

Sarah – So much to process but very promising.

Sue – great to see Health so high on the agenda.

Next meeting

1pm till 3pm, Tuesday 11th October – Book you place HERE.


11th October 2022

VCSE Assembly

1pm-3pm on Tuesday 11th October 2022
Centre 88, Saner Street, Hull

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Welcome with Coffee and Cake


Review of minutes from last meeting

Introduction to the UK Prosperity Fund – Nathan Turner

Data about Hull – Accessing the Data Observatory – Nathan Turner

    1. What data is missing?
    2. How do we begin to share VCSE data

Youth Investment Fund & Early Years Funding– Hulls approach – Pippa Robson

Hull’s Response to the Cost of Living Crisis – Pippa Robson

    1. Overview of VCSE Summit
    2. Next Steps

 Standing Item Updates

    1. Sector Connect Hull Service
    2. ICS & The Humber and North Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership
    3. Place Board and other city board
    4. Developments from Building Forward Together


Next meeting – 1pm – 3pm on Wednesday 16th November 2022



  • Matt Wright (Hull CVS)
  • Pippa Robson (Forum)
  • Andy Haynes (Age UK)
  • Severine Kipili (Borashaaba)
  • Stacey Provan (CAB H& ER)
  • Justina Oraka
  • Gail Baines (Forum)
  • Jason Stamp (Forum)
  • Julian Rice (Freedom Centre)
  • Clive Darnell (Goodwin Trust)
  • Angela Murden (Hull Afro-Caribbean Association)
  • Peter Oluotch (HCAS)
  • Paula Bielby (HEY Confident Futures)
  • Philip Vincent (Home Start)
  • Debbie Akester (Hull CC)
  • Iain Atkinson (Hull CC)
  • Nathan Turner (Hull CC)
  • Sharon Clay (Hull CC)
  • Sharron Hutchinson (Hull CC)
  • Nicola Andrews (Hull Churches Home from Hospital)
  • Claire Thomas (Oasis Community Church)
  • Hilary Hamer (Hull Food Partnership)
  • Carl Wheatley (Northern Academy)
  • Andreea Salvage (REACH)
  • Andrew Dorton (Church of England/independent)
  • Bashir Siraj (Welcome House)
  • Rich Morfitt (Hull CC
  • Paul Spooner (Max Life Youth Project)
  • Mandy Gibb (Max Life Youth Project)
  • Richard Dexter (Tigers Sport and Education Trust)
  • Sarah Pearson (Giroscope)


In tables attendees were asked to consider the following question:

The most pressing issue for your organisation right now – excluding funding?

 Tables fed back and the areas were as follows:

  • Capacity – changing peaks and troughs or unexpectedly high demand
  • Organisational change
  • Change – national, regional and locally.
  • Changes to commissioning
  • Protectionism by organisation preventing collaboration.

Minutes from last meeting

Pippa explained that changes had been made to the Terms of Reference based on the first VCSE Assembly and these would be adopted unless there were any significant changes required. (Attached)

The minutes have been shared and no change amendments were received. All present were asked to suggest any changes if required. (Attached).

UK Shared Prosperity Fund – Nathan Turner (attached)

Nathan delivered the presentation which outlined the scope of UK Shared Prosperity Fund and the timelines for delivery. He explained Hull City Council had submitted their plan and a shadow board is in place to ensure that it meets the needs of the city. Until these plans are ratified nationally it makes distributing of funds problematic.

During the stakeholder engagement period the council had 4 x the total fund allocation in expressions of interest. Those who have put in an expression of interest can use their submission when the funding open to apply and new applications will also be welcomed.

Nathan asked for attendee’s views on a call for applications before the plan is ratified or not as it would make it more achievable to deliver the year one funding or wait to prevent unneeded work if the plans need to change. Attendees were asked to share their views on the two options via the following email address

Matt asked for confirmation about year 1 funding – does it need to be spent by 31st March 2022 – YES.

Peter as for clarification whether proposals sent earlier this year can be used for the basis of a new application. Nathan confirmed this was the case.

Claire asked if it was going to be advertised far and wide and universally available for applications across Hull VCSE.

James asked if people could apply for 3 years’ worth of funding. Nathan confirmed that groups could and it would be welcomed.

Bashir asked for clarification on what Outcome Active Travel was. Nathan explained that this was encouraging a change in transport habits away from private car travel.

Pippa confirmed that she was representing the VCSE as part of the Shadow Board for the UK Prosperity Fund and would ensure that any updates were shared.

Hull’s Data Observatory – – Nathan Turner and Rich Morfitt

Rich gave a brief demonstration of the system live.

He explained that the Data Observatory is a one stop shop for data in Hull. It is free to access and is regularly updated with new data from multiple national and local sources. This data is accessible via themes of data available at city, Area, ward and LSOA levels.

In addition perception data from the Hull Peoples panel is also available, as are the city’s population groupings.

Matt asked if workshops on the system could be organised. Nathan and Rich said they’d be happy to do this.

ACTION – Matt and Rich to arrange Data Observatory workshop sessions.

Pippa asked about the census data. Rich confirmed the first level of information has been added.

Youth Investment Fund – Pippa Robson – see slides.

 Pippa explained that the capital based funding for youth provision is open to Hull organisations including both the local authority and VCSE organisations. There have been initial meetings held to understand the interest in bidding into the fund with a further meeting having been organised for 9th November.

However unlike some funds the local authority doesn’t have to sign off on applications for funding which could weaken any applications from the city if they are not consistent and/or complimentary. With this in mind Sector Connect Hull is hosting an informal workshop at 1pm on Thursday 3rd November. Invites for this have been circulated, but if interested email

Early Years – ‘Family Hubs and Start for Life’ Funding

 Pippa introduced the funding available from this national programme. The VCSE representatives involved are Dianne Hamilton and Caroline Watson. Further details will be shared when available.

Received following the meeting – Market Engagement Event for the Family Hub and Start for Life Programme – Thursday 20th October 2022, 2.00 – 3.00 p.m. via Teams

Cost of Living Crisis –Gail Baines

 Hull City Council have set up a Virtual Cost of Living Network (which includes Forum and Citizens Advice (CAB)) as well as a cross section of council services that will be required to respond to the crisis. This identified the need for a Cost of Living Summit to understand the needs and requirements of the VCSE. This was hastily arranged and led to 40 VCSE organisations being invited. These were representative of charitable aims and geographical location.

The event itself included why the work was required, the results of VCSE Cost of Living Survey and sobering stats from CAB on what the city can expect to see without significant intervention and support.

The event included the mapping of what is available across the city currently and also the barriers to delivering further interventions. There were also extensive discussions about the feasibility of Warm Rooms with considerations to the safety and running of these spaces – not to mention the costs incurred. The applications to become Warm Rooms are now live.

Other discussions followed around how to provide food to Foodbanks, locations for physical support and opportunities for more sharing of building space if rooms are available at larger organisations for smaller to use.

It did highlight other challenges like how are we as a city going to support people who are housebound to stay warm and tackle their isolation? It also shone a light on risks associated with the cold i.e. over wrapping up of children, slips/trips & falls as a result of decreased use of lights in domestic settings.

The Council has now launched its Cost of Living web page with details of support available – In addition the Cost of Living Network is planning to hold regular bi-monthly information sessions available for all partners to attend for latest updates in measures to support people effected by cost of living and organisations supporting them.

Paula said that Two Ridings have now launched their Cost Of Living Fund that is available to support VCSE Groups. It is anticipated that other funders will make similar pots of money available too.

 Sector Connect Hull Service update – Pippa Robson and Matt Wright

 An overview of the service outcomes to date was shared. This outlined that the support around governance was available for newly forming groups as well as those fully established in the sector. The service has also helped the sector to be represented across a wide range of networks and is beginning to play an essential role in organising and facilitating partnerships and events.

As mentioned in this meeting the service is hosting key events like the cost of Living Summit and the Youth Investment Fund workshop to help ensure that collaboration is supported. The service is also ensuring that issue that need addressing at a public sector level are done so – for instance driving the new Community Asset Transfer/Concessionary Lettings Strategy.

The training available to the sector was shared which links back to the needs that were identified by the sector as part of the Sector Training and Skills Audit in June.

Paula suggested that people may want to look at the training on offer via the HEY Confident Futures Network. This currently includes an opportunity for people to gain the skills to become coaches and access coaching themselves.

The work by Helen the VCSE Safeguarding lead in these services has seen her supporting a number of groups on a one to one level, while also identifying a gap around supervision support when safeguarding issues arise. She is also working on bespoke training for the sector which will be available soon.

Building Forward Together Update – Jason Stamp

Jason explained that Building Forward Together was a resetting of the relationship between the VCSE and Public Sectors.

There are four streams of work:

  • Infrastructure – this is in effect why the Sector Connect Hull services is in place.
  • Volunteering – this has led to the development of the Time2Volunteer system being commissioned and work with local partners on how best to support volunteers and volunteer hosting organisations.
  • Social Value
  • Commissioning – a move away from who is best at writing tenders, instead what is the best services. Also developing more collaborative commissioning with lots of organisations having pieces of the contract instead of one overall funded organisations.

ICS Update – Jason Stamp

There are big issues with workforce. Especially around care where the pressure is high and the staff are some of the lowest paid.

There are system pressures with a crisis in hospitals. Because people are struggling to be seen at GPS, they are attending A&E. Jason explained that VCSE can help if health are willing to resource VCSE services to deliver at community level. This is something that is being looked at with a alliance of mental health deliverers that will be able to deliver long term change.


Debbie explained that the local authority is developing a Sharepoint Platform in order to support the sector in accessing and receiving information from the local authority.  She plans to demo this at future meetings. It is hoped it will be a safe place to share information with the sector and may include things like the Community Directory that is being developed as part of the social prescribing contract delivered by Forum.

Next meeting

1pm till 3pm, Wednesday 16th November 2022 – Venue TBC – Book you place HERE.


16th November 2022

VCSE Assembly

1pm-3pm on Wednesday 16th November
Centre 88, Saner Street, Hull

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Welcome with Coffee and Cake


Check-in Group discussion – Workforce

What could the sector and partners do to raise the profile of the VCSE sector as a place to work?
What barriers are there to people joining the VCSE workforce?
What challenges do we face in retaining staff?

Review of minutes from last meeting

Hull City Council’s Community Strategy – Matt Fawcett

Asset Transfer Strategy – Pippa Robson

 Standing Item Updates

  1. Sector Connect Hull Service
  2. Focus on communications and updates – Matt Wright
  3. ICS & The Humber and North Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership
  4. Place Board and other city board
  5. Developments from Building Forward Together

VCSE Organisation updates

    1. Round table


Next meeting – 1pm – 3pm on Tuesday 13th December 2022



  • Matt Wright (Hull CVS)
  • Pippa Robson (Forum)
  • Gail Baines (Forum)
  • Natasha Barley (Children’s University)
  • Denise Robinson (Fitmums)
  • Julian Rice (Freedom Centre)
  • Stacey Provan (Citizens Advice HER)
  • Paula Bielby (HEY Confident Futures)
  • Sharon Clay (Hull City Council)
  • Debbie Akester (Hull City Council)
  • Ian Anderson (Hull City Council)
  • Claire Thomas (Oasis Centre)
  • Anna Route (Hull Food Partnership)
  • Diane Heaven (Working for Health)
  • Rick Newton (Working for Health)
  • Franklin Onukwugha (Youth Aspire Connect)
  • Dianne Hamilton (Goodwin)
  • Caroline East (Child Dynamix)
  • Peter Olutch (H-CAS)
  • Jan Boyd (EMS)
  • Caroline Watson (Homestart)

Check-in Group discussion – Workforce

Each table considered the following questions:

  • What could the sector and partners do to raise the profile of the VCSE as a place to work?
  • What barriers are there to people joining the VCSE workforce?
  • What challenges do we face in retaining staff?

This prompted much debate on each table with key feedback as follows:

  • VCSE perceived as voluntary.
  • VCSE roles not perceived as permanent – clearly linked to grant funding.
  • Wages are lower in the sector…almost of an abuse of those wanting to do good.
  • Many roles are part time and impacted by changes to the Universal Credit criteria.
  • Perception that VCSE role is a pathway to a proper job.
  • Lack of education about working in the VCSE and opportunities available.
  • Lack of a single place to advertise VCSE jobs.

Review of minutes from last meeting

The minutes were discussed but with a focus on the following updates

Book on using the links.

  • Cost of Living Crisis

Gail updated attendees:

Following the VCSE response to the cost of living crisis event held on 28th September the sector would be invited to an update session on Thursday 24th November 10-12am.

This will be a virtual session on Teams and will provide updates on the following:

  • Warm Spaces
  • Winter Warmth Grants
  • Food Support
  • #HullTogether
  • Winter payments

There will also be an opportunity for organisations to update the wider group on activities and issues being experienced.

PLEASE NOTE – no calendar invite will be sent out for this session, if you would like to attend please use the Teams link below.

Microsoft Teams meeting

Join on your computer, mobile app or room device

Click here to join the meeting

  1. HCC Community Strategy – Ian Anderson / Gail Baines

Ian introduced the background of the Community Strategy as outlined within the presentation slides. This will replace the City Plan which expires in 2023. The developmental idea is based around “My Life, My Street, My City”. It is hoped that this will be a golden thread through all strategies across the city and aim to deliver a fairer city for all. The steering group is hoping to launch the Strategy in March 2023.

Forum are supporting with the community engagement to develop the strategy. Gail explained that their Community Connectors (Linda and Elvis) will be taking a flexible approach to gathering views from residents using trusted organisations as allies to reach their service users. This will see these VCSE organisations receiving funding for venues, refreshments and even participatory payments in the form of a raffle. They already have a number of organisations they have worked with for other work around community cohesion and health messaging focus groups. However if anyone could facilitate a focus group email

HCC Community Asset Transfer Strategy – Pippa Robson / Ian Anderson

Pippa gave a brief summary of the purpose the new Community Assest Transfer Strategy and Ian Anderson outlined how the proposed process would work.

The focus overall was on developing a fair and transparent process that allows organisations and Hull City Council to maximise the social value of community assets. As part of this process Sector Connect Hull would support organisations with business plans, policies and procedures and offer advice and guidance.

Ian explained that current leases would be reviewed in line with policy changes in a timely manner to ensure that undue pressure wasn’t placed on current tenants.  Matt asked how long the process would take and Ian explained it would vary from case to case but between 3-6 months.

Bashir and Peter asked about the length of leases given Welcome House were initially given a 2 year lease for their building. It was confirmed in most instances going forward leases would be longer. 

Standing Item Updates

Sector Connect Hull 

Matt explained that an initial meeting of HCC owned Community Centres had come together for a recently formed Community Centre Network meeting. This is focused on developing stronger links and collaborative efficiencies and effectiveness.Pippa explained that there was an opportunity for representation from the sector to be part of the Hull Drugs and Alcohol Strategic Group. For mor information or to express interest email Pippa –

Details of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, NPC Tackling Financial Hardship Funds, Steel Charitable Trust and Youth Music Incubator Fund were shared.

Matt gave an update on the Sector Connect Training and encouraged people to share details of training they need. He also made people aware of the Sir James Reckitt Charity Centenary Grant – Hull VCS Training Bursary that had been secured. This will provide fully funded places on Sector Connect Training from next quarter from VCSE Groups in Hull. He will also be looking at offering some funded accredited courses to be VCSE Organisations who currently can’t access funded provision elsewhere. Furthermore he is developing a process to support Hull VCSE Organisations to attending paid for conferences, with the expectation that findings can be shared across the sector.

Details of the FREE on-line Safeguarding Week Training were shared and are available to book onto – these start from 21/11/22.

There was a brief conversation around communication and those present agreed that they would like their contact details to be used for Sector Connect Hull agendas, minutes and presentations. Furthermore they suggested that minutes and slides from previous meeting should be available for VCSE Groups.

ACTION – Matt to ensure that previous minutes/slides are on VCSE Assembly Area of Sector Connect Hull Website.

People were in favour of having their details available on a VCSE Assembly member contact list. This would be updated monthly and shared with those who are signed up to aid contact outside the meeting, but NOT for use of as a distribution/mailing list.

ACTION – All confirm that you are happy adding your details to this list by 31/11/22

ACTION – Matt to develop and share contact list with interested members around 1st December.

Finally, Matt introduced the Student Futures Internship Scheme and encouraged VCSE groups to apply for up to 16 weeks support frm a student. Ricky and Diane shared their experience of the scheme. They said it was really beneficial and they’d recommend getting involved.  Student Futures (Careers Service) would like to invite local organisations to be involved which help develop a student’s employability, whilst enabling them to make a positive contribution to local organisations like yours. This event will introduce the initiative and allow people to find out more and ask questions pertinent to your organisation. Date 10am – 11am on Tuesday 6th December 2022 book using the link.

Pippa explained that there wasn’t any update this meeting for the following, but there would be full updates in December’s meeting:

  • ICS & The Humber and North Yo89rkshire Health & Care Partnership
  • Place Board and other city board
  • Developments from Building Forward Together

VCSE Organisation updates

Anna – The Hull Food Partnership are undertaking engagement for the Hull Food Strategy. There is a Seed swap planned for February and the Food Inequality Partnership is developing a network of food donation points.

Julian – Freedom Centre have received a £20k Power to Change grant focusing on digitalisation work with resident. They are also still weighing up options around delivering a Warm Space linked to the HCC Scheme.

Jan – EMS are expanding their ready meal service to more organisations across Hull. They are currently supplying 5 lunch clubs with 3 more soon. Their growing network is making it is to re-distribute excess food they are donated.

Peter – HCAS service users are really concerned about utility bils. Julian raised that Citizens Advice are doing a good job supporting residents to access vouchers towards their bills. Peter asked if Hull would organise an energy collective similar to that developed in the East Riding of Yorkshire. It was clear nothing was in place currently, but Sharon was asked to look into it.

ACTION – Sharon to raise option of creating a Hull Utility collective.

Julian stated that the voucher scheme run by Citizens Advice is going well:

Caroline W asked if there was clarification around how utility companies are paying back funds linked to the governments support. Stacey explained that this varied from company to company but would look to see if there was national guidance that could be shared.

ACTION – Stacey to send over a Utility Rebate list.

Bashir – Welcome House are hosting 6 Christmas Dinner style lunches and welcomed other VCSE groups to attend if interested.

Franklin – Youth Aspire Connect have received Ideas Fund money to develop a mental health project for young people in marginalised communities. They are also working with the Youth Mayor on her Racisim Campaign.
Franklin also raised that he is looking for office space in a location/place with good opportunities to engage young people.

Denise – Fitmums are really keen to promote a couple of Bereavement Services they offer. The first is Together in Grief Walks and the Other is Forest Project for Children. Both are not getting levels of referrals expected. If you can help email



Next meeting

1pm – 3pm on Tuesday 13th December 2022 at Centre 88, Saner Street, Hull. Book your place HERE.

The following meeting is planned for 1-3pm on 18/01/23.


13th December 2022

VCSE Assembly

1pm-3pm on Tuesday 13th December
Centre 88, Saner Street, Hull

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Welcome with Coffee and Cake


Check-in group discussion – A focus on training

    • What training do you and your wider organisation need?
      1. What would be your table’s three training priorities?
    • How would you like to be informed about training?
    • What affects your decision on what training to approve e.g. price, time commitment, accreditation?
    • Face to face or virtual training?

Review of minutes from last meeting

Hull City Council’s VCSE Information SharePoint Portal – Richard Barker & Jennifer Clewley

Hull’s Community Directory – Pippa Robson

Standing Item Updates

  1. Sector Connect Hull Service – Pippa Robson and Matt Wright
  2. ICS & The Humber and North Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership – Jason Stamp
  3. Place Board and other city board – Jason Stamp
  4. Developments from Building Forward Together – Jason Stamp

VCSE Organisation updates

  • Round table


  • Next meeting – 1pm – 3pm on Wednesday 18th January 2023



  • Andy Haynes – Age UK Hull
  • Hillary Hammer – Hull Food Partnership
  • Pippa Robson – Forum
  • Jennifer Clewley – Phoenix
  • Keith Martin – Phoenix
  • Richard Dexter – Tigers Trust
  • Richard Barker – Hull CC
  • Chris Rowson – Hull CC
  • Sharron Hutchinson – Hull CC
  • Alastair Shaw – Hull CC
  • Bashir Siraj – Welcome House
  • Ricky Newton – Working for Health
  • Franklin Onukwugha – Youth Aspire Connect
  • Peter Olutch- H-CAS
  • Severine Kipili – Borashabaa
  • Matt Wright – Hull CVS
  • Hannah Meadway – Hull CVS
  • Helen Grimwood- Hull CVS

Check-in group discussion – A focus on training

Attendees were asked to work in groups and consider their organisations training needs.

The key areas of feedback were:

  • Developing young volunteers
  • Improving the links between Trustees and leadership Team.
  • HR/Management Training
  • IT Security
  • Governance and policies for Community Centre and people supporting them.
  • Funding – need, business planning and evaluation as well as how to apply.
  • Awareness of VCSE sector

Pippa explained that their group identified that as well as training around people management core shared services that numerous groups/organisations can tap into would be of value i.e. HR Representative, IT Support, Finance and Accountancy.

Review of minutes from last meeting

Matt took people through the minutes with a key focus on:

  • Community Strategy – My Life, My Street, My City
  • Hull’s Community Asset Strategy
  • Sector Connect Hull

    • VCSE Assembly Slides/minutes from previous meetings to the website – HERE
    • New VCSE Assembly Contact List – The list has been compiled and sent to people who have given their permission for contact details to share.

      ACTION – If you want to be added please email

    • Hull Utility collective? We are still awaiting an update from Sharon Clay as to whether this is something that Hull CC are considering.

      ACTION carried over

    • Energy Bill Rebate – Stacey Provan from Citizens Advice has sent over a guide to how the energy rebates will be paid to customers. See below.

Bashir pointed out that he attended but his details were not in the attendee information. Matt to correct.

Hull City Council’s VCSE Information SharePoint Portal – Lisa Buttery, Sharon Hutchinson & Jennifer Clewley

Lisa introduced the concept as a space for the Council and VCSE to share content with one another.

Sharon spoke how the council area teams could use the system as a engagement tool with the sector with pages and areas for news, social media updates, funding, policies, volunteering and more. There was also a demo of how it could help to access council maps.

Pippa suggested that the funding area would be better linking to the Hull for Funding system.

Jennifer then spoke about a repository of videos that had been added to support the sector which have been developed in other areas. These included getting online, introduction to work and cyber security. She also showed that the system would allow two way engagement via Microsoft Teams.

Following the demonstration Matt questioned the need for many areas with the availability of Sector Connect, Time2Volunteer.

Pippa queries if the system is for broadcast purposes or two way communications? Lisa outlined that messaging would go straight to her customer services teams who’d be able to respond for the HCC.

Peter said there were useful elements but questioned the titles i.e. Citizens Area. This is a term that has very different connotations for refugee organisations like his. This was acknowledged by Hull City Council who explained the content and structure of the site was still in draft form and would need further development with the sector.

Severine also raised concern around the digital skills of the sector to utilise the system, but welcomed the details that could be housed in one place.

Helen questioned if there was clarity around the purpose of the system i.e. Public or VCSE. If it is a VCSE tool then it needs to be developed further with the sector to understand what would be valuable or not. She also said that the original plan was for a repository for VCSE Data and LA data in one place, but this doesn’t appear to be for this purpose.

Andy suggested that Phoenix and Microsoft are in a position to bring best practice from other areas in relation to the SharePoint area. He did suggest a repository of Hull City Council strategies would be especially valuable. Building on the discussions from the training discussion he suggested that a focus on IT, HR and marketing guidance would be of value.

Hilary also raised a query about how the system will be kept up to date.

The section concluded with an agreement that Hull CVS and Forum could be given access to discuss further with groups via the partnership.

Hull’s Community Directory – Pippa Robson

Pippa explained why the current Connect to Support website was being refreshed:

  • Lack of VCSE ownership
  • Not contemporaneous
  • Based on activity rather than organisation creating a lot of duplication

This review and upgrade is being led by Forum as part of the Community Navigation Service.

The plan is to develop a HCC Galaxy site which will strip out council services and focus on VCSE Organisations and the services they offer. There will be a focus on the sector leading on uploading their organisations details. Via the Sector Connect Service there’ll be great quality assurance and support offered to groups.

The current site is closing down on 31st March.

Standing Item Updates

Sector Connect Hull Service – Pippa Robson and Matt Wright

Trauma Informed City

Wide stakeholder involvement in a long-term plan to adopt trauma-informed approaches across the city.

Safer Hull Strategic Group– VCSE Representative

Please view role specification below. Expressions of interest to Matt Wright.

Health Networks

Hull Champions Network / Working Voices.

Anyone Interested email Chris Mills –

Development of a Festive VCSE services directory.

Complete the survey monkey below by 5pm on 19/12/22 – The directory will be made available and shared with networks on Tuesday 20th December.

Hull CC Crime prevention fund
The Crime Prevention Fund supports the objectives of both Hull’s Safer Communities Strategy and the Police and Crime Plan 2021-2025. £500 – £25k. Full details HERE.

Matt gave a brief update on plans from Sector Connect Hull, Hull College and other providers. An application form to cover the cost of Conference places will be available early 2023. ACTION – Matt to send out application form

ICS & The Humber and North Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership

The current focus is on system and winter pressures across all partners.

Development work is taking place around the five Integrated Care System sector collaboratives (Acute, Primary Care, Mental Health, Community and the VCSE) and how they work with each other as well as with the six places in the wider Partnership.

The ICB Workforce Board is currently leading on the 180 Days of Workforce Programme, which is looking to address current workforce challenges across the system including recruitment, retention and staff health and wellbeing. This approach also includes the VCSE.

The next full meeting of the Integrated Care Board is due to take place on 11 January 2023.

The local Health and Care Partnership has now been established and is in the early stages of development. Partner members include the Local Authority, Health, the VCSE and Healthwatch. A development session to agree a shared vision and values was held on 7 December 2022 and the next formal meeting is due to take place on 21 December 2022. The VCSE Assembly will provide a link into the Hull Health and Care Partnership.

Developments from Building Forward Together

Two new cross sector work-streams have now been established, focusing on developing new models of commissioning and a common approach to social value across the system.

Andy Asked when the Commissioning group will start to yield results as commissioning for some of Age UK Hull’s services have been poor with no one responding to queries that he has and doing short extensions but requiring a lot of work to access them. Helen said that she and Jason would look into Andy’s issues and the work of the Building Forward Together subgroup should hold up local council commissioning processes.

Next meeting

1pm – 3pm on Wednesday 18th January 2023 book your place HERE.


18th January 2023

VCSE Assembly

1pm-3pm on Wednesday 18th January
Centre 88, Saner Street, Hull

Jump to:


  1. Welcome and introductions

  2. Check-in group discussion – Data Protection – Four Years of GDPR

  3. Review of minutes from last meeting

  4. Hull City Council’s Medium Term Financial Plan – David Bell

  5. Third Sector Trends Report for 2022– How does this reflect VCSE in Hull – Matt Wright

  6. Standing Item Updates
    1.  Sector Connect Hull Service –Matt Wright
      1. General Updates from Key areas
      2. Hull Volunteer and Inclusion FUND
    2. ICS & The Humber and North Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership
    3. Hull Place Based Boards Updates

  7. VCSE Organisation updates

  8. Meet the Funder – Renew Community Fund
    1. Introduction to the fund
    2. Q&A

Next meeting – 1pm – 3pm on Wednesday 22nd February 2023



  • Matt Wright – Hull CVS
  • Sharon Clay – Hull CC
  • Hannah Meadway – Hull CVS
  • David Bell – Hull CC
  • Stacey Proven – Citizens Advices
  • Neil Robertson – Hull CC
  • Caroline Watson – Homestart
  • Jonathan Cahill – Outkast Panda
  • Elena Sayers – Re-Think
  • Claire Cahill – Outkast Panda
  • Andrew Dorton – Various
  • Caroline East – Child Dynamix
  • John McNally – Humbercare
  • Sandra Ackroyd – Sight Support

Hull City Council Medium Term Financial Plan – David Bell (Click here to see the Hull City Council’s Medium Term Financial Plan Report)

David outlined that the plan is based on a calm and collective response to reducing the local authority’s expenditure. He explained Hull has high demand for LA services, but a low value property base which limits funding from Council Tax. The Governments funding model is still up for review as it is acknowledge that the system is not fair but this is unlikely to occur until after the next election. The current Government did provide a small about of funding as a stop gap. The Key pressures facing HCC are Pay and Energy like VCSE organisations. There will be a rationalised vacancy freeze.

Matt raised that this freeze will see the demand going somewhere and this could be extra work for the VCSE.

The lack of funding will mean that there is limited scope for new initiatives and the LA are having to use a small amount of their reserves which are low than most other councils. There is a risk that after an election the funding formula isn’t changed. Caroline East said Child Dynamix are facing similar budgetary pressures and fears that commissioning won’t reflect that maintaining service delivery at current levels may not be possible on a static budget. She also added recruitment is an issue with wages rising and VCSE not being able to compete not only with other VCSE groups but also the public and private sectors.

Matt said that the ICS funding and wider regional/national funding may support in delivery of some organisations work. Caroline Watson said that there was real need for a time to look at the HCC budgetary pressures together and think differently and especially as a sector we have experience of being creative in reducing costs. Andy suggested that it would be useful to understand a breakdown of the funds spent so there is transparency on the areas where there is some flexibility with funding. David said he’d be happy to look at this and come back.

ACTION: David a breakdown of funding and attendance to a future VCSE Assembly.

Neil said that the Building Forward Together work has started this process of commissioning differently, but all felt that this needed to progress. There was an overall feeling that the VCSE needs to be listened to about this area, involved in discussions and ultimately kept involved in the discussion.

Check-in group discussion – 4 years since GDPR

A group discussion took place about GDPR. Overall the panic of GDPR and its implications never came to anything. The policies developed have been well maintained and followed by VCSE groups. There was a feeling that some organisations take GDPR to far and over complicate processes and others see it as an excuse to not sure information they should share.

On the flipside Caroline W said that there had been a recent change of process with a generic Health Visitor Email SPOC box which would have been unthinkable initially were a secure individual email had to be used. And there had been examples of oversharing of data.

With this in mind there was a feeling that regular refresher training on GDPR and information briefings on potential changes to GDPR legislation would be useful. Matt said the Sector Connect GDPR training is being advertised.

Sandra said that a dumbing down of legislation would be unlikely to change what is now perceived as best practice. She also said that GDPR training is included in the virtual induction training that order in.

Review of minutes from last meeting

Matt took people through the minutes with a key focus on:

  • Hull City Council’s VCSE Information SharePoint Portal
  • Hull’s Community Directory
    • Caroline E – said that she’d shared details of the new site and the current Connect to Support system with EHASH
    • Sandra asked how the details of organisation would be added.
    • ACTION: Pippa to confirm process

  • Festive VCSE Services list
  • HCC Crime Prevention fund
  • Hull CVS Training Bursary – See full details in accompanying slides.

  • New VCSE Assembly Contact List – 22 signed up. Please email if you want to be added.
  • Hull Utility collective – Sharon Clay confirmed that historically the Climate lead decided this wouldn’t be of value. With the current comparison sites it is unlikely to be introduced now

Third Sector Trends Report 22

Matt introduced the Third Sector Trends Report com missioned by The Community Foundation. This has been surveying the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector every three years since 2010. This is a great source of national data that can be used in local funding bids and covers areas from training and workforce Development, to volunteering make up.

To date there have been 3 main reports from the consultation:

  1. Sector Structure, Energy, Purpose and Impact
  2. Employees, volunteers, diversity and investment in people
  3. Finance, assets and organisational well-being

He shared some of the key findings on the PowerPoint slides.

Standing Item Update – Sector Connect Hull Service – Matt Wright

Sector Advocates – Matt gave examples of Sector Connect Hull partners being advocates for the sector (i.e. challenging the dates for commissioning of Homeless Outreach and a groups application being declined due to a due diligence error) and suggested VCSE groups should share issues with us.

Caroline W said that a big issue is that HCC and other commissioners are not increasing contract value at all and this is making the applications unrealistic to apply for especially if they include TUPE of staff and the risk this puts organisatio0ns in around long term planning.

There was also the suggestion that social value question is ridiculous because by the charities very nature it is aiming to deliver social value. Furthermore funders need to be aware that volunteers are not free – training, supervision and recruitment cost need to be included in any contract.

ACTION: Matt discuss the above concerns with Pippa and wider Sector Connect Hull Management.

VCSE Representative – Neighbourhood Network- Hull on the Safer Hull Board

The Appointment – Tracey Laws – Training and Conferencing Officer

UK Prosperity Fund – Update

  • Round 2 opens for applications and D/L of 12 noon 21/02/23
  • Briefing events are available Microsoft Teams:

Time2Volunteer – 200+ opportunities live and registration support available via
Planning for Volunteer Week – June 2023.

  • Caroline E asked if there would be volunteer fayres linked to this. Matt confirmed that there would be information and a chance for groups to advertise roles, but is also about recognising and rewarding volunteers.
  • He also confirmed there are other volunteer fayre opportunities through the year VCSE groups are invited to attend and contribute at.

Call for support – HCC are requesting support from VCSE as part of engagement linked to their PlayZone Programme application.

Smaller Grant: Renew Community Fund – up to £5k This is for projects that encourage people to feel supported throughout their recovery journey; Tackle loneliness in this cohort; or Promote alcohol free social activity. Deadline for applications – 24/02/23. For more details click HERE.

Hull CVS Training Bursary – Aims to assist VCSE Organisation in Hull to access free high quality training or conference places.

Can be used for:

  • Cover the cost of Hull CVS or Sector Connect Hull training up to £50
  • Up to £100 for Conference places.

Organisations could apply for a mixture of training and contribution to a conference.
Non attendance to training or conference will result in an invoice to recover the full costs. For full details visit:

Matt also shared details of the Quarter 4 Training on offer – Click here to see Training Booklet.

HullTogether Food Donation Network – This city-wide network of community based organisations are providing accessible food donation points. For full details visit: If you could join the network email –

Coming Soon – DCMS Know Your Neighbourhood Fund – This is a Multi Year Funding for Hull until March 2025. The overall aims of the programme are to encourage people to take part in social isolation in the city. Two Ridingings Foundation are developing the scope and focus of the fund and will be holding a number of workshops with Hull Partners in February and March.

HEY Confident Futures New To Leadership 2023 programme – Applications are now open 12-month New To Leadership programme starting in March 2023.This investment of around £2,000 per participant is full funded by HEY Confident.

The training includes: Leadership themed sessions; 1:1 Lumina Spark; Professional Coaching; Online & self-directed learning.

Applications deadline 10/02/23 – outcome 24/02/23. Apply HERE.

VCSE Group Updates

Sandra Ackroyd (SightSupport) suggested people consider applying to have Hull University Interns (details at She shared that the Ideas Fund project was successful and is resulting in stronger links to researchers. She also shared that the National Lotter via the Rigional Advisor are considering succession funding.

Stacey Proven (Citizen Advice) the service is close to capacity with demand remaining very high. They are placing case workers at food banks to provide dynamic support to those who need it. They have also teamed up with Reckits to deliver a Cost of Living Campaign aimed at preventing acute debt.

Jonathan Cahill (Outkast Panda) gave an introduction to the work of the charity which works with young people non repairing and modifying vehicles. They have mechanics volunteering and supporting the activity and have already seen outcomes around reducing young peoples exposure to criminality and MH improvements. They are also undertaking a Time Attack Pit Crew project which has seen lots of engagement with commercial sponsors. They are also filming the activity. Matt suggested contacting the Matthew Good Foundation for support with this. They have however had issues with referrals.

ACTION: ALL share details of the programme:

Established as a Car Club in 2017 by like-minded car enthusiasts, we have welcomed people who have identified as experiencing social anxiety and/or depression and a lack of confidence. As a result of our efforts, we have seen our members gain confidence and talk openly about the issues they are facing whilst learning how to fix and modify their cars. Everyone is welcome regardless of their background or the car they drive.

Building on our success, Outkast Panda Crew has grown into a Community Interest Company, a non-profit organization which provides young adults aged 16-24 an opportunity to learn vehicle maintenance and road safety that will guide them onto a path to gain qualifications and employment, and steer them away from antisocial behaviour. volunteering in Hull and to reduce loneliness and We run sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays 4-8pm. £2 per session or £5 for the week. Visit our website to get involved. (Referrals by agencies can also be made on this page)

Sharon Clay (HCC) shared that Fairshare fortnight would be coming up at the end of February and would be looking for volunteer to promote the activity and wanted VCSE Assembly members to look at holding Fairshare activity to help raise awareness in Hulls FairShare City Status.
John McNally (Humbercare) explained that he manages the Circles of Support Volunteer programme that assists high risk offenders into the community following their release from prison. He is also scoping a Settlement Able Service which would look at the volunteer to workforce pathway.

(HANA) – They outlined the ongoing breakfast for homeless sessions that have been taking place and have attached 782 attendees. They are also working with diverse communities to encourage the use of the NHS APP.

Elene Sayers (Re-Think) introduced her charity and explained that they run peer support groups for carers and those suffering with their mental health in Hull and Beverley. She said that as she is new t o the area she is keen to stay abreast of developments and opportunities. Matt said the VCSE Assembly is a good way of doing this but also encouraged signing up to the Hull CVS Newsletter and the Forum Newsletter.

Next meeting

1pm – 3pm on Wednesday 22nd February book your place HERE.


22nd February 2023

VCSE Assembly

1pm-3pm on Wednesday 22nd February
Centre 88, Saner Street, Hull

Jump to:


  • Welcome and introductions

  • Check-in group discussion

  • Review of minutes from last meeting

  • Two Ridings Community Foundation
    1. HEY Confident Futures Network
    2. Know Your Neighbourhood Fund
  • Community Safety Funding
    1. PCC’s Community Safety Fund
    2. The Humber Violence Prevention Partnership
    3. Hull Crime Reduction Fund
    4. National Ministry of Justice Funding
  • Evolution of the VCSE Assembly – Informing to transforming

  • Standing Item Updates
    1. Sector Connect Hull Service
    2. ICS & The Humber and North Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership
    3. Hull Place Based Boards Updates
    4. VCSE Organisation updates

Next meeting – 1pm – 3pm on Tuesday 21st February 2023 – New Venue TBC



  • Andy Dorton – CofE SRO
  • John McNally – Humbercare
  • Mike Mercer – Humbercare
  • Jason Stamp – Forum
  • Pippa Robson – Forum
  • James Halls – OSHI
  • Lloyd Dobbs – Goodwin Trust
  • Claire Cahill – Outkast Panda Crew
  • Jonathan Cahill – Outkast Panda Crew
  • Angela Murden – HACA
  • Julie Rodrigues – HANA
  • Lorna Herring – PATT Foundation
  • Peter Oluotch – HCAS
  • Alinia Griecu – REACH
  • Hannah Meadway – Hull CVS
  • Matt Wright – Hull CVS
  • Elena Sayers – rethink
  • Sally Payne – rethink
  • Lionel Curtis – Hull District Diabetes Support
  • Martin King – Rooted In Hull
  • Anna Route – Hull Food Partnership
  • Fred Owen – RSPCA Hull
  • Craig Shepherd – Hull KR Foundation
  • Bashir Siraj – Welcome House
  • Ayse Ozkurt – Hull Turkish Education society
  • Franklin Onukwugha – Youth Aspire Connect

Check-in group discussion – effective is your marketing and communication?

A group discussion took place about effective marketing.

The feedback from tables included:

  • Maximising networks that exist to get information out to community
  • Taking a more strategic approach to marketing – not everyone should use social media if it is not going to reach the desired audience.
  • Ensuring face to face meetings are shared and where possible joined up messaging.
  • Targeting printed marketing
  • Creating bespoke images for social media.
  • Utilise local talent – RSPCA have a Intern from Hull University supporting them.

Matt – shared that an Introduction to Marketing and Media Training was being delivered by Hull CVS on Friday and a further session planned for 27th March that may help organisations.

Review of minutes from last meeting

Pippa took people through the minutes with a key focus on:

  • David Bell from Hull CC will be invited back to a later to look in more detail at the elements of the HCC Budget and what makes up the area.
  • Hull’s Community Directory – The details for this will be input by Forum, but they will be contacting groups to confirm details in due course.
  • Jason Stamp responded to concerns about Commissioning saying that the Building Forward Together Group is aiming to demystify the processes, shifting the focus away from constant delivery cost reduction, encouraging a shift from competition to collaboration commissioning processes, encouraging longer tendering, focusing on value rather than cost and ensuring consistency across commissioning officers.

HEY Confident Futures

Matt explained what the HEY Confident Futures Network is, the benefits of being involved, future events and training as well as how to join.

 DCMS Know Your Neighbourhood Fund

Matt outline details of the fund and explained that development events are taking place to shape how the fund will be delivered over the subsequent 2 years. The fund is over £1 million investment in Hull encourage people to take part in volunteering and to reduce loneliness and isolation. It will have a big focus on evaluation and what works. Details will be shared in due course when the fund launches.

Community Safety Funding

Recently there have been a number of queries about Community Safety Funding so Matt present detaiuls of Hull, Humberside and National funding that maybe of use to the VCSE organisations working on the Community Safety agenda in the city.

These included:

  1. PCC’s Community Safety Fund
  2. The Humber Violence Prevention Partnership
  3. Hull Crime Reduction Fund
  4. National Ministry of Justice Funding – women’s service funding
  5. Lloyds Bank – Specialist Programme Funding – Deadline for current round 5pm 3rd March

ACTION: Matt to clarify access to the HVVP Fund

Evolution of the VCSE Assembly

Pippa explained that the VCSE Assembly todate had been a digest of key news for the sector and away for details of opportunities to be shared. Longer term this will continue but with additional element focused on developing collaboration on key commissioning opportunities or addressing key issues to the sector.

It is envisaged this will take over to parts with more focussed developmental activity taking place at the end of the meeting.

Standing Item Update – Sector Connect Hull Service

  • We are here to help – Don’t be afraid to ask for support – we offer impartial advice, guidance and information, access to accredited and unaccredited training courses and support for funding and grant opportunities.
  • Information Commissioners Officer – If you hold personal date make sure you are registered with the ICO.
  • Community Ownership Fund – funding for community groups to take over ownership of assets and amenities at risk of being lost.
  • Time2Volunteer – 200+ opportunities live and registration support available via
  • Volunteer to VCSE Work Force Pathway ScopingHull CVS are looking for organisations, volunteers and young to take part in focus groups to better understand how the sector can develop the workforce of the future. This will look at training for people interested in entering the sector, how the sector is promoted as an employer and how roles are promoted across the sector.
    Anyone interested email
  • Hull CVS Training Bursary – Aims to assist VCSE Organisation in Hull to access free high quality training or conference places. Organisations could apply for a mixture of training and contribution to a conference. For full details visit: Current training can be viewed HERE.

Standing Item Update – ICS & The Humber and North Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership

Jason updated on the ICS & The Humber and North Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership

180 Days of Action on WorkforceIn September 2022, 180 Days of Action on Workforce was launched, inviting people from across the system to contribute to the task of defining priorities and plans for a People Strategy. To date 185 individuals have volunteered to be part of this process which will come to an end in late March.
It is focused on developing ideas and highlighting current good practice around their workforce priorities, recognising the importance of developing a shared understanding of what is currently done and what could be done together in the future. You can read more a on the Workforce Update.

Partnership Volunteer Voice surveyThe focus is on volunteering in health and social care but people don’t need to have volunteered in this area to take part – all volunteering experiences are welcome. The survey is open until 24th March.  

Standing Item Update – Hull Boards

We have received a request for additional representatives to attend the Modern Day Slavery Board and are seeking further information about the role, meeting frequency and Terms of Reference. If this is of interest to anyone email

VCSE Group Updates

Craig (Hull KR Foundation) – the foundation are breaking down barriers using the badge in order to improve Health and Wellbeing, education and the environment. The team has grown my 50% and this is causing some challenges in recruitment and training. They have also starter a joint pilot Violence Reduction Project with Tommy Coyle.

Sally (Rethink) – As a volunteer organiser of a care group and her needs are different from others in attendance. She needed help with more volunteers to help her and sign posting pathways. Matt said Time2Volunteer could help in finding a volunteer, while Pippa said the community directory would help with positive referral.

Fred (RSPCA) – The charity have been busy with a new distribution centre for donations to maximise retail and a redesign of the animal care pathway. The branch has benefited from over 2500 volunteer hours last month and is working towards being a net zero kennels.

Jonathan (Outkast Panda) – They are continuing to utilise car modification and repair to tackle asb and crime. He also shared that the group had received a Hull Community Champion Award from Diana Johnson.

Anna (Food Partnership) – The seed swap event went really well with over 300 attendees. The consultation on the Hull Food Strategy will be coming soon please help in circulating this.

Alinia (REACH) – the Romanian Community is looking at setting up its own church and charitable group.

Lorna (PATT Foundation) – They are looking at ramping up their food production to support food banks with fresh produce. The charity is getting good support from the Community Payback Team with various projects. They also shared that they have recycling on site.

Franklin (Youth Aspire Connect) – They are looking to take 50 yp to Oxford and 50 to Cambridge as part of their project, however the charity has a funding shortfall. They are looking for donations of around £40 to cover each young person’s place. Fred kindly offered to pay for 2 places, Matt suggested it could go to the Bondholders and both Matt and Pippa agreed to help promote the request for help.

Lionel (Hull District Diabetes Support) said he’d welcome speaker to his monthly group and urged people to call if theyu were interested (01482 844933). He has leaflets/poster to promote the group and would specifically like to do more with ngroups from BME communities.

James (OSHI)shared the fact he’d had good support from The Hull Sector Connect Partners. He also reported being successful with two funds leading to the development of an app for his service and increased delivery support people on their recovery journey.

Bashir (Welcome House) – The Centre is open everyday supporting primarily refugees and asylum seekers. He stated he is happy for people to visit and find out more.

Next meeting

1pm – 3pm on Tuesday 21st March – Venue to be confirmed – Book your place HERE.


21st March 2023

VCSE Assembly

1pm-3pm on Tuesday 21st March
Oasis Community Church, Newland Avenue, Hull

Jump to:


  • Welcome and introductions

  • Check-in group discussion

  • Review of minutes from last meeting

  • Living With Water Partnership – The Opportunity for the Sector – Lauren Murtagh
  • Sector Training And Skills Audit – Tracey Laws

  • Commissioning Discussion – Pippa Robson

  • Standing Item Updates – Pippa Robson
    1. Sector Connect Hull Service
    2. ICS & The Humber and North Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership
    3. Hull Place Based Boards Updates
  • VCSE Organisation updates

Next meeting – 1pm – 4pm on Friday 28th April



  • Louisa Ingleson (Forum)
  • Lauren Murtagh (Living with Water)
  • Pippa Robson (Forum)
  • James Hall (OSHI)
  • Severine Kifaili (Borashaaba)
  • Sharon Clay (Hull City Council)
  • Mike Mercer (Humbercare)
  • Nikki Moses (Alzheimers Society)
  • Jan Boyd (EMS Limited)
  • Claire Thomas (Oasis Hub Hull)
  • Tammy Hancox (Humber All Nations Alliance Student)
  • Julie Rodrigues (Humber All Nations Alliance)
  • Fred Owen (RSPCA)
  • Elena Sayers (Rethink Mental Illness)
  • Franklin Onukwugha (Youth Aspire Connect)
  • Tracey Laws (Hull CVS)
  • Hannah Meadway (Hull CVS)
  • Philip Stevens (Art Link)
  • Jamal Choudhary (Peel Street Project)
  • Angela Murden (Hull Afro Caribbean Association)
  • Andy Dorton (Hull Churches)
  • Andy Haynes (Age UK)
  • Stacey Ulliot (Citizens Advice)
  • Tracey Wharvell (Citizens Advice)


Pippa welcomed everyone for attending the VCSE assembly and explained the agenda for the session ahead.

“Do you make IT and technology work for you?” discussions:

Various IT processes were being used by the range of organisations present.

Fred Owen (RSPCA) stated they had assistance from an organisation called Stonemail, which enabled their organisation to grow and develop IT practices. They also found that Office 365 and having shared diaries and a SharePoint are great to use. Work occurred to improve cyber security of buildings.

Voicemails have also been able to be changed to emails, and this has been successful in their organisation. Having dedicated support within an organisation to develop IT systems really helped an organisation to grow.

Julie (HANA) stated that owing to financial pressures they are not able to get in depth support from external sources. They had previously used windows vista, which sparked discussion from Pippa. Another factor which caused some difficulties was the fact that some members of organisations do not speak English as their first language this poses some difficulties when training in IT.

However, moving into the digital era, some members of the organisation do not understand it, due to new uses of technology evolving. Elane Sayers (Rethink Mental Illness) stated that their volunteers have difficulties using technology, and as a result, so they had to adapt practices to suit, such as posting out their information to members instead of using emails.

It was also brought to the attention of the VCSE assembly that charities are able to benefit from free IT licenses if registered charities.

Minutes from Last meeting

At the last meeting Matt Wright (Head of Community Development) provided an overview of the leadership programme and provided the benefits of taking part in the programme.

Matt Wright also provided an update on the Know your Neighbourhood Fund and a range of funding available and an overview of the forthcoming funding under the community safety strand.

Outstanding action – Matt Wright to seek clarification on Humber Violence Prevention Partnership – Matt is meeting VPP soon and will update at the April Meeting.

Living with Water Input (Lauren Murtagh –

Hull is the second highest place in the UK to flood. It is also below sea level making it vulnerable to flooding. 95-98% of dwellings are at high risk of flooding.

Currently Hull has the second highest flood risk in the UK and 95% are at risk of one type of flooding. The city is 100% reliant on pumping. As a result, millions of pounds were spent on developing Hull’s flood defences.

In Hull 84% of all surface water drains into the combined sewer system and the complexity of the drainage network means that it is difficult to determine the responsibilities of each authority.

The combination of topography, geography and an interconnected drainage system makes Hull unique in terms of flood risk.
Rosmede Street – Please find the engagement and investment on their website

Blue –Green vision – Sustainable drainage systems (SUDS)

Lauren stated that sustainable drainage systems are being planned for the city. If everyone has a sustainable drainage system in place at home (for example everyone had a waterbutt in their garden, this would slow down the water flow and channel it away from drains and sewers.

Lauren (living with water) is wanting to work with community groups, come to community events to discuss their work and encourage anyone who knows of any community groups who would benefit to come forward. Living with Water are looking to develop volunteering opportunities, and are looking for community champions to offer advice at flooding at some point in the future.

Pippa suggested if anyone is planning to submit a heritage bid then they should look into opportunities with Living with Water and Lottery funding.

Pippa also mentioned the Local Resilience Forum which are the disaster/emergency response recovery planning bringing in the Police and other emergency agencies. There is a sub-group set up specifically for voluntary sector:

Questions: what could the sector do to in emergency response situations? e.g. emergency accommodation, emergency transport, emergency training.

James (OSHI) asked Lauren (Living with Water) if members of the public wanted water butts, is this possible.

She stated that they have 1000 water butts and they are currently deciding on a distribution plan as not sure of this yet.

Training Audit – Tracey Laws (Training and Conferencing Officer – Hull CVS)

Tracey provided input on the internal audit of training that has been undertaken and the range of training courses that could be rolled out to the sector in response to need. However to identify what is prioritised she asked people to complete the VCSE Training and Skills Survey at

Tracey also said that she is looking at how First aid training courses can be priced at £100 a session and food safety courses are priced at £60 can be offered at a discount rate for the sector by working closely with trainers and delivery from sector premises.

She also encouraged people to check out the current training available from Hull CVS and Sector Connect at present on the Hull CVS website on

Training includes Bitesize Fire awareness, Good Governance Training and Writing Good Grants Applications.

Tracey (Hull CVS) and Kersty (Hull CVS) have also completed the train the trainer Yorkshire Ambulance Service ‘Community Emergency First Aid Training” that will be offered for free to residents and sector partners soon.

Finally Tracey encouraged people to share any other training that may be need by the sector to her at

James (OSHI) stated that Health Education England is a fantastic training resource for statutory training including Adult and Child Safeguarding, Fire Safety training. Action – James (OSHI) to send link via Matthew Wright.

EMS – use Noodle Now as a resource for Food Hygiene Courses and training support

Fred Owen (RSPCA) Use Home office for their safeguarding and prevent training and advised that the insurer can sometimes provide training.

Tracey shared that organisations have access to online safeguarding training and safeguarding children training and Hull CC have created a portal for this. Need to await dates for the next round of training in April.

Action: Tracey to send the link to safeguarding survey Commissioning

Pippa led a discussion and some of the main challenges were:

  • Complex procurement systems
  • Understanding TUPE (the requirement to transfer existing staff working on a service into a new provider when a contract changes hands)
  • Unrealistic deadlines
  • Lack of provider input (or lived experience input) into contract specifications
  • Too competitive or not competitive enough!

Next Pippa asked people to share their experiences of commissioning as well as remagining commissioning. “If you started with a blank sheet of paper, how would you want to see commissioning change?”

  • Inflation is increasing and the money usually put into funding these services are placed somewhere else. Had to invest into commissioning processes.
  • Commissioning is so prescriptive and does not offer creativity.
  • Quality performance used to happen but does not anymore.
  • Partnership working between larger providers and smaller organisations required to increase creativity in the sector.
  • One size does not always fit all when it comes to commissioning in the sector.

Building Forward Together action is to act on commissioning processes.

Sector Connect Update Premises:

We (Sector Connect) are receiving increasing numbers of queries about premises. This includes new leases, struggling to meet running costs, requests about Community Asset Transfer, interest in purchasing a freehold.

Community Asset Transfer – A community asset transfer is the process that community organisation to take over publicly owned buildings in a way that recognises public premises.

Hull City Council keen to work with the sector on the new Community Asset Transfer strategy – update at a future Assembly. Hull City Council is keen to work with the sector on the new Community Asset Transfer strategy – and there will be an update at a future Assembly.

Second raft of changes enacted in the Charity Act 2022 are due to come into force any day – these are related to the disposal of land (including leases), the definition of a connected person, and permanent endowments. If any of these concern you or your charity, please speak to us.

Funding Pots available:

Football Foundation Grants support for clubs to become more environmentally and financially sustainable, grants of up to £25k – Deadline 13th April

Morrison’s Foundation: Funding of up to £25k for UK registered charities, aimed at projects that make a difference to people’s lives with special consideration to vulnerable and disadvantaged groups


Housing Standards, Rights and Access to Accommodation, Friday 21 April 2023, 10am – 12pm at Welcome House, 3 Wright Street HU2 8HR

Session is aimed at workers in organisations supporting newly arrived communities, which include asylum seekers, refugees and migrant workers, will aim to equip you with knowledge of the services available as well as useful information.

To book place contact:

Hull Boards:

Please see the handouts for the reports from the Safer Hull Annual Report, the Director of Public Health Annual Report and regarding engagements with various boards across the city (see attached).

Pippa Robson is due to meet Tracy Harsley on 31st March to discuss representation and attendance at various collaborative boards.

VCSE Round table updates:

  1. EMS

    Pizza for Easter: They have received funding from the Hull Activities and Food and have applied for equipment needed for their sessions.
    Seed to Table: New cooking session, growing at Rooted. Once their service has expanded they are hoping to go to Patt Foundation as further outreach.

    Link to their website with details can be found here:

  2. RSPCA

    They have had a full re-brand of the RSPCA Branch displaying the full history of the RSPCA.

    They have received a pot of money to deliver food to food banks across the city for animals. Was told about the Hull 4 Heroes service and to speak to Helen Skinner for further assistance on this.

  3. Youth Aspire Connect

    Sponsor a child to go to Oxford University. 100 children go to Oxford and last time they had 40 children signed up. Costs £31 per child to attend.

    Wanted to say thank you to Hull CVS and RSPCA who supported students to go.

  4. Age UK Hull and East Riding

    Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Support came up to Yorkshire to see Age UK alongside the New York Times to complete some filming on the care market place in the UK.

  5. Hull Afro-Carribean Society

    AGM is to be held in 2 weeks on the 15th April. They hold weekly sessions on a Wednesday eve. Fridays they hold a food project – since 2020 they have given out bags of food to the community.

    Dates of relevance:

    1st April at Filey – opportunity for service men who served in the WWII to attend.

    1st April – Year since Christopher Alders Death.

    22nd April – Steven Lawrence Remembrance Service

    In addition they have:

    Starting a new HACA group called HACA Gen 2 – focused on young people. At the meet and greet session they had 100 people interested in attending.

    Secured funding – Green Social Prescribing – Green Fingered Gremlins.

    Started a walking and wandering connect group
    They need more volunteers and funding for paid staff – Hull CVS can support with this.

  6. Artlink

    Wanting to build network of individuals since launching in 2017 and to grow their skills.

    If you know of any groups that work with people with learning disabilities let us know.

    They also host a disability arts network for people with learning disabilities.

    They also campaign for people with learning disabilities to have access to places of cultural significance.

    Big Help Out – volunteering day for the kings coronation. Details can be found here about how to get involved:

  7. Peel Project CIC

    Hold youth projects throughout the year for youths from a BAME background. Have a girls youth club, girl self-defence classes.
    Over the last few years they have had 4000 children attending the programmes that they run.

    They are taking part in the Hull Activities and Food programme and have 40-60 children attending. Invited agencies include fire services, Hull City Council and RSPCA. They are also looking for add value providers. So if you or your organisation are interested, contact Jamal on

  8. OSHI

    Offer addition support -OSHI Project is an innovative initiative that provides immediate help to those who ask for it. It is peer led and driven by personal experience. Have a response team that respond in 24 hours to requests. They can also get a recovery coach involved in the recovery journey for individuals. For more details on their services please visit: If you or someone you know would like support from OSHI, please contact

Next meeting

1pm – 3pm on Friday 28th April 2023 – Venue to be confirmed – Book your place HERE.


28th April 2023

VCSE Assembly

1pm-3pm on Tuesday 28th April

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VCSE Assembly meeting of 28th April 2023 Household Support Fund (HSF) 4 2023/24

The distribution of HSF4 funds for 2023/24 was agreed by the Councils Cabinet at the meeting of 27th March 2023. Hull should receive around £6m over 12 months until end March 2024. We would like to seek your views on three elements of the HSF4 distribution. The table at the end of the paper confirms how the agreed funds are to be allocated, and highlights the three elements that would benefit from a collaborative discussion with voluntary sector organisations.

Items 2. Foodbank support to facilitate food distribution

The Council would like to seek the views of a number of voluntary sector organisations in relation to the allocated funds at Item 2 highlighted below to support the distribution of food. We would like to therefore use this session to capture any comments, questions or challenges you may have.

Funding Source: Household Support Fund: £842m Household Support Fund has been distributed by DWP to authorities in England to support people most in need with the recent significant rise in the cost of living

Duration of Funding: To end of March 2024

Amount available for food related activity: up to £50k

Objective: To provide food related activities or services that alleviates cost of living pressures for families and individuals in Hull

Criteria for fund

  • To be used to provide support with food, whether in kind, through vouchers or cash, also to fund enablers such as fuel, transport, fridges etc
  • Authorities can work with third party organisations to identify people or groups in need, administer the grant and provide activities or services
  • Access to food related services through the grant must be publicised and transparent
  • Administration costs must be reasonable and proportionate

Who can apply: Any organisation, or a group of organisations working together collaboratively, with a lead organisation managing the grant and administration

Putting forward a proposal: Interested organisations should speak to Forum or Hull Food Inequality Alliance for a further discussion. The council would welcome a small number of outline proposals via this route

Timescales: Proposal(s) to Hull City Council by 23rd June 2023, with project to start Autumn 2023 and run over the winter months when cost of living pressures may be particularly challenging

Contact for further information: Council contact is

Item 8 – Proactive Payments to an identified group.

Item 8 highlights the sum of £300,000 to pro-actively assist an identified vulnerable client group/s. Using collaborative data, we need to identify which groups of people need financial support and a create methodology for doing so.

The funds need to be paid directly to individual people and cannot be distributed to another organisation to distribute.

Examples of previous groups assisted are at point 8 within the table are namely” those with disabilities, young people on low income and care leavers, large families disproportionately affected by increased energy and food costs.”

Specifically, we need to know what data you hold that would help to identify specific households that meet criteria and could benefit from a payment.

Item 4 – Smaller interventions to help reduce energy consumption at home

Item 4 relates to smaller in-home measures, as distinct from the investment in larger value home improvements such as loft insulation and boiler replacements. For guideline purposes, these would be £100 or less per household. Previous similar allocations have been used for community groups to distribute items such as slow cookers, air fryers, electric blankets and warm clothing.

Options to deploy this funding include:

  1. Scheme to train VCS staff / volunteers to accredited standard to give energy advice (typically 3 days plus exam for qualification). Funded course places, plus small grant of around £3-5k to help fund sessions where the qualified advisors would be on hand – e.g. social activities, food bank sessions, exercise groups. Note that this would run starting summer.
  2. Large consortium scheme (e.g. group of ten VCS organisations sharing £100k+) for accredited energy advisors to go into homes, especially of people less able to get out, and make bespoke recommendations such as around heating habits.
  3. Small interventions identified such as LED lightbulbs, radiator foils, draught excluders would be funded and installed as part of the service.
    Small grants scheme similar to Winter Warmth Community Grants whereby VCS organisations would each make their own suggestions on how to deploy a small slice of the funding, such as distribution of electric blankets (e.g. £5-10k). Note that this would run to cover the winter period.
  4. Other suggestions.

These options are not mutually exclusive.

Views on which of these would offer most benefit and be most practically achievable, as well as comments on grant value, would be welcome by 5pm on Friday 12th May to or talk to colleagues from Hull CC / Forum.

HSF4 Distribution

Payment Proposal

  1. Food vouchers to Free School Meal recipients during holiday periods,£15/week.

    Cost Assumptions Estimated: Based on 14,000 Free School Meal recipients at £15/week for 13 weeks holidays.

    Value of Payments by 31 March 2024: £2,730,000

  2. VCS foodbank support to facilitate food distribution

    Cost Assumptions Estimated: To enable food distribution beyond Fareshare (Discuss at Financial Inclusion network workshops)

    Value of Payments by 31 March 2024: £50,000
Fuel and Energy

The options below will also seek to leverage other possible match funding through the Governments ECO 4 / ECO Plus schemes to increase the overall expenditure in this area with the aim of reducing residents’ energy costs through increased efficiency.

  1. Support for Low Income households to improve energy efficiency, including insultation improvements and boiler replacements.

    Cost Assumptions Estimated: Boiler and other heating system improvements at £2,500, Insulation enhancements at £350, To be supplemented with ECO 4 / ECO plus funding if secured.

    Value of Payments by 31 March 2024: £1,000,000

  2. Warm Homes funding for smaller items to improve energy efficiency. Including smaller insulation improvements and domestic appliances.

    Cost Assumptions Estimated: 2000 households at £100 each.

    Value of Payments by 31 March 2024: £200,000
  1. VCS warm spaces support for winter 2023/24

    Cost Assumptions Estimated:  To facilitate the provision of warm spaces / hubs

    Value of Payments by 31 March 2024: £45,000
Money and Debt
  1. Local Assistance Scheme (LAS) top up. Current LAS budget £350k

    Cost Assumptions Estimated: Based on 15000 additional direct applications with a maximum payment of c£100 per application.

    Value of Payments by 31 March 2024: £1,475,000

  2. School Uniforms – funding to support low-income residents with the purchase of school uniforms through supplemented funding of Children’s University Cost of Living programme

    Cost Assumptions Estimated: Based on 500 grants of £50-00.

    Value of Payments by 31 March 2024: £25,000

  3. Proactive payments to specific vulnerable groups identified in conjunction with VCS partners, using existing HCC, DWP and DWP data.
    For example, those with disabilities, young people on low income and care leavers, large families disproportionately affected by increased energy and food costs.

    Cost Assumptions Estimated: Based on 3000 payments of

    Value of Payments by 31 March 2024: £300,000
  1. Tenancy Support and Sustainment for those renting homes.

    This funding contributes to a wider strategy aiming to prevent homelessness and protect tenancies. Work is undertaken in conjunction with key partners on a holistic basis with dedicated mental health support via the Humber Trust, co- located DWP job coach and substance misuse workers.

    Cost Assumptions Estimated: To provide support across tenures.

    £90,000 to support those in the private rented sector and £60,000 relating to Council housing.

    Value of Payments by 31 March 2024: £150,000
  1. Administration costs.

    Cost Assumptions Estimated: The work to distribute HSF is significant, 4 temporary staff are in place to process applications for direct financial support. Funding for temporary staff to process direct applications for 12 months.

    Value of Payments by 31 March 2024: £101,587
Total: £6,076,587


28th June 2023

VCSE Assembly

1pm-3pm on Tuesday 28th June

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  • Andy Haynes – Age UK Hull
  • Carl Norton – Hull and East Riding Community Counselling Services CIC (HER CCS CIC)
  • Claire – Alzheimer’s Society
  • Dot Parker – HER CCS CIC
  • Philip Stevens – Artlink
  • Craig Moody – HER CCS CIC
  • Andrew Dorton – Church of England
  • Sharon Clay Hull – City Council
  • Stacey Ullyott – Citizens Advice
  • Hannah Meadway – Hull CVS
  • Jan Boyd – EMY
  • Matt Wright – Hull CVS
  • Pippa Robson – Forum
  • Anna Route – Hull Food Partnership
  • Julian Rice – Freedom Centre
  • Elena Sayers – Rethink
  • Jodie – Goodwin Trust
  • Lesley Wilson – Therapy Services UK
  • Julie Rodrigues – HANA
  • Bashir Siraj – Welcome House

Matt Wright and Pippa welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained that the agenda had been amended due to last minute unavailability of Jacquie Edhouse and Jason Stamp. They will both be invited to a future meeting to give an input on Safeguarding and accessing Local Authority Designated Officer and the Commissioning – Building Forward Together update respectively.

Check-in group discussion

Matt Wright split attendees into groups and asked them to consider the following:

  • What training does your organisation offer to the community?
  • How can this training be better promoted?
  • As a collective can we make this a larger income stream for your organisation, if so how?

Some of the training offered were:

  • EMS – Growing Food Training, Cooking on a budgets, Energy Training. They also offer Health & Safety and Fire Risk Assessment Training.
  • Artlink – Community Engagement Training for Artists
  • Alzheimer’s Society – Dementia Friends Training
  • Citizens Advice Offer lots of training of advising to frontline staff that could be offered further – like an Advice Emergency 1st
  • Age UK Hull & ER – Age Awareness Training
  • Fareshare – Warehouse Training which includes Manual Handling, Food Safety, H&S, First Aid and Forklift Training.
  • HANA – Cultural Awareness Training currently developed for HMP Hull

General feedback:

Phillip Stevens said that he’d not considered how his training could be offered further to the sector but there is value in exploring this further.

Andy Dorton said that this training offered was really good and actually it should be sold to business to sustain local delivery to the VCSE.

Matt Wright said that there was value in understanding the wider public training offer from VCSE and suggested a directory could be developed by Tracey Laws. This would support organisations in promoting their training and help in responding to training audits similar to that requested by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. It also fits in well with societal resilience.

Matt also suggested that in time VCSE may want to assess the training with a pool of of accredited L3 Award in Education + Training coming together to ensure that training is of a high standard. He also said that he’d look into whether this training could be offered to the sector.


  • ALL – Send any training you offer and whether you have staff with L3 Award in Education + Training (or equivalent) to Tracey –
  • Tracey – To pull together new VCSE Training List
  • Tracey – To develop a VCSE Training Community of Practice Group.
  • Matt – Identify possible L3 Award in Education + Training available to the sector.

Update – The following is available via for FREE from Hull College – book a place via

L3 Award in Education + Training (HABC) 1800 – 2100hrs (Every WEDNESDAY  for 10 Weeks): 23th August 23 – 1st November 23

Review of last meeting (April)

Matt took attendees from the key areas at the last meeting.

  • Household Support Fund Paper (see attached) includes:
    • Matt explained that the VCSE Foodbank Support + VCSE Warm Spaces are being merged with £12k maximum – Launch July 2023 – Final date TBC
    • Lisa Buttery would still like ideas from the VCSE on how funds could be delivered. Specifically she was asking the following area:

The sum of £300,000 to pro-actively assist an identified vulnerable client group/s. Using collaborative data, we need to identify which groups of people need financial support and a create methodology for doing so.

The funds need to be paid directly to individual people and cannot be distributed to another organisation to distribute.

Examples of previous groups assisted are “those with disabilities, young people on low income and care leavers, large families disproportionately affected by increased energy and food costs.”

Specifically, we need to know what data you hold that would help to identify specific households that meet criteria and could benefit from a payment.


All – Please send details of any data that you have available which will help identify those eligible for proactive payments to

  • National Conference of Societal Resilience
    • Matt and Pippa shared that they had discussed training linked with societal resilience with the Humber Local Resilience Partnership and are looking at options on how work could be delivered to communities on preparedness and wider community resilience (i.e. bystander first aid).
  • Know Your Neighbourhood Fund – Mini workshop
    • Full update later in the meeting.

Outstanding Action:

  • PCC Crime Fund – issues with grant reporting/returns
  • Pippa has met with PCC and funding team to share VCSE groups concerns about the recording and monitoring process. They have agreed to change some areas to save organisations time – receipts for just high value items, but are still operating with post-delivery funding.

Hull Food Partnership – Anna Route

Anna introduced the Hull Food Partnership and the wider national framework they operate under.

This is based on 6 key issues:

  1. Food governance and strategy
  2. Good Food Movement
  3. Healthy Food for all
  4. Sustainable food economy
  5. Catering and procurement
  6. Food for the planet.

The focus currently of the Hull Food Partnership is developing the Hull Food Strategy with a real emphasis on food insecurity.

Anna shared some of the Hull Food Partnerships work including The Hull Food Charter, the development of the “Worrying about money” leaflet, Nature Hull website with details of food banks and pantries in Hull, Veg Summer Eating Challenge Campaign, Food Insecurity Research with Hull University and a new Food exchange Platform to aid growers in supplying food banks in Hull.

Anna explained a little about the complexity of food in Hull and why it is so important for a holistic view on food in the city. She explained that lack of choice and poor nutrition are two really big concerns in the city. In addition the level of deprivation is huge.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation report shows that the cost to run a household is now £125 per week higher that than Universal Credit. While the Broken Plate Report shows that the poorest 5th of the population would need to spend over 50% of their budget a week on food to achieve the governments eat well plate guidance.

Anna asked that the wider VCSE feed into the Hull Food Strategy Consultation as it really is a whole system report and needs VCSE voice to be heard too.

Andrew Dorton raised that Labour have announced that they are not going to support free school meals for all in their manifesto and suggested that we all email our local MPs to get this changed so it is part of their pledge if they form the new government.


It was agreed there would not be another face to face meeting over the busy sumer holiday period with the VCSE Assembly returning in September.

However a virtual meeting will be held to cover off any key development in early August.


Matt Wright – To circulate date and link for virtual Assembly.


Group of people sat around a large table

Join the next VCSE Assembly meeting

The next VCSE Assembly has not yet been scheduled, this will be updated as a date as been confirmed.

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